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Building Irrlua

First, dependencies:

IrrLua depends on tolua++, which is included, but which requires "scons" to build.

For Windows I've included a pre-built tolua++.exe in the package. Since building it requires scons and scons requires python, I didn't want to burden everyone with those dependencies.

Under Linux, you will need 'scons' to build the tolua++ portion, which can be found here. If you use a debian based distribution, you can run:

sudo apt-get install scons

As of version 0.8, IrrLua is set to build against the installed lua libraries, allowing IrrLua to work with other binary modules under Linux. Under debian systems, lua can be installed by doing:

sudo apt-get install lua5.1

For All builds -

(Note the directory location has changed in IrrLua 1.1) Unzip the IrrLua.tgz file into the irrlicht-0.XX.0/source/ directory

For linux -

Building Irrlicht as a shared library
IrrLua needs shared libraries, so follow the instructions for building the sharedlib target in the Irrlicht makefile. Once built, you must copy the libIrrlicht.so file into the IrrLua/bin directory. IrrLua is setup to link against libIrrlicht.so in that directory.

Next you will need to create a symlink for the lua directory because the makefiles expect the lua headers to be in the 'lua' directory.

ln -s lua5.1-src lua

Once that's done, type 'make' in the IrrLua directory to build IrrLua.

For VisualStudio.NET 2003 -

1. Open the IrrLua/msvc/IrrLua.sln solution.
2. Set "LuaInterpreter" as the active project
3. Select the appropriate configuration (Debug-DLL or Release-DLL)
4. Select "Rebuild solution"
5. You should now have an IrrLua.DLL and lua.exe interpreter in the bin directory.

•  Copyright © 2005,2006 Josh Turpen.   •